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US Attacks Syria

NorAm Intelligence European and Middle Eastern intelligence sources report that U.S. military helicopters launched an extremely rare attack Sunday on Syrian territory close to Damascus.  According to intelligence sources on the ground, some of the helicopters landed and troops exited the aircraft and fired on buildings.

Monday, the United States dispatched the amphibious assault ship (which is also an aircraft carrier), the “USS Bataan”, not far from the Syrian’s shores.  Heavy military marine and air traffic was also noted on the Adriatic and Black Sea in the last 3 days.

Concentrations of such large marine and air forces next to Syria’s borders shows that the United States is preparing for the possibility of the invasion of Syria and Lebanon.

Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey, fearing U.S. troops movements and assessments, interpret the concentration of American forces, in and near the Mediterranean, as a real possibility of an American military intervention in the Syrian rebellion.

The concentration of U.S. forces in the Mediterranean made Turkey postpone its plans to expand its military presence into Syria.  This expansion is designed to establish a military buffer zone to stop the flow of Syrian refugees.  Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan does not want to be perceived as having coordinated Turkish military action in Syria with American military action.

However, based on our intelligence sources, an agreement was reached between President Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan that Turkey will make bases available to U.S. forces attack in Syria.

There is also movement in Lebanon.  Hezbollah opened its medium and long-range missile bases long in northern Lebanon and began to move troops to the center of Lebanon.  Hezbollah, having just received an intelligence warning from Iran about American military intervention in Syria, doesn’t want to be caught with its missile bases in combat zones.

One of the reasons that the US decided to move into Syria is because they know the Israelis are about to unilaterally attack Syria.  In the last 3 days, Western intelligence agencies made clear that they received official proof of Israel’s claims that Syria was the provocateur behind the “Nakba Day” riots.  Nabka Day is the anniversary of the creation of an Israeli state and a day of violence and protest for Israeli enemies.  An allegedly official Syrian document obtained by the British intelligence services was the source. The document offers proof that Syria not only encouraged Palestinians to riot during “Nakba Day,” but also sent 20 buses to the border and instructed the military to allow protesters to access the border.

The document stresses that none of the protestors would be carrying military IDs or weapons, thereby staging an apparent “peaceful and spontaneous” protest.  Since protestors are barred from going near the border, this clearly points to the riots being orchestrated by the Syrian regime, in hope of diverting international attention from its own brutal crackdown on anti-Assad protesters.

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